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"Folks talking about my voice can step right off," tweeted the Democratic New York lawmaker.
The 2020 presidential candidate announced her stance Friday at a conference with a civil rights group.
The rising Democratic star lost the controversial 2018 election by a very narrow margin amid allegations of voter suppression.
Candidates and likely candidates fan out in South Carolina, New York City and D.C. to seek the African-American support that can seal a nomination.
We must use everything at our disposal to resist.
The three media titans fanned the flames of racial animosity in the city for personal gain.
Some have given their lives and others dedicated their lives to try to make Dr. King's dream a reality, and now they have added to that mission by preserving the legacy of President Obama.
As communities of color and the poor continue to suffer the most from harsh police tactics, disproportionate summonses, arrests, tougher sentences and more, we need to know precisely where the candidates stand on these issues.
As they make their case to the country and battle it out over a host of issues, one key area they must -- must -- address is race and criminal justice reform. In fact, it needs to be the center of the presidential debate.
If we really want to know where the GOP Presidential nominee stands when it comes to issues impacting the Black community, we need just look at his past. There's nothing new here -- just the same old Trump and his biased actions and biased track record.