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The committee has asked the Archives to conduct an assessment of whether any Trump records remain unaccounted for and potentially in his possession.
In a staffwide memo, the acting U.S. archivist tartly addressed the agency's role in trying to recover documents Trump had squirreled away at Mar-a-Lago.
Federal judge said it's her "preliminary intent" to name a special master, as Donald Trump has asked, but first needs more details about seized documents.
After officials contacted Trump's team about the records, people were seen on camera moving boxes in and out of storage, sources told The New York Times.
The government agency “assumed exclusive legal and physical custody” of Obama’s presidential records when he left office, unlike in Trump's case.
The FBI search of the former president's Florida property was focused on mishandled presidential materials, according to reports.
Donald Trump’s Florida home & resort, Mar-a-Lago, greeted FBI visitors, according to a statement by the ex-president.
The House committee investigating the violent insurrection subpoenaed the texts last Friday.
The subpoena reportedly is part of a grand jury investigation into Trump's handling of secret documents.
The committee wants to determine if Trump violated federal records laws when he took 15 boxes of White House records to Mar-a-Lago.