National Assembly

It could be the end of democracy for the country if the international community doesn't act fast.
The country's political and economic crisis has caused thousands to take to the streets.
President Nicolás Maduro called the election as a means to rewrite Venezuela's constitution, triggering violent backlash.
The news is the blues. 1. Trump says he is planning “very severe things” to punish North Korea. If this doesn’t terrify you
Opposition leaders accused President Maduro of perpetrating a "coup."
KUWAIT CITY, KUWAIT--Kuwait's new National Assembly has convened. Almost half of the victors in the November 26 election
The constitutional provision that may allow the Right to force the resignation of President Maduro is the recall referendum (Art.72). They already resorted to a recall referendum against Hugo Chavez in August 2004 the then President who won with 59%.
"The impasse is the dynamics of deterioration," my friend said, part philosophic part pessimistic after listening to Raul Castro's speech in the National Assembly yesterday.