National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest move will boost resources for inmates asking for commutations and pardons.
Eggleston underscored the need for congressional action on criminal justice reform to supplement President Obama's actions
I teach in a law school capital defense clinic, in which we mandate that our students never, ever post anything related to
The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Innocence Project found that 26 of the 28 examiners in the FBI's
The vast majority of Americans clearly seem unhappy with the working of Washington. The president and Congress have overwhelmed the American people with an incredible number of laws that are difficult for the voters and even policy makers to understand.
WASHINGTON -- In the next several months, the Supreme Court will decide at least a half-dozen cases about the rights of people
We've been at a critical juncture since September 11. How we respond to the atrocities thrust upon us after that terrible day says everything about who we are as Americans - what values we defend, how the world sees us, and how history will remember us.