National Atomic Testing Museum

Watch this week's follow-up KLAS-TV report about Lazar and Area 51. The National Atomic Testing Museum -- one of a handful
In This Week in Weird we chat with HuffPost Weird News Reporter Lee Spiegel about mistaking drones for UFOs.
In March of 2012, under Palmer's authorization, the museum took a bold step by unveiling a new walk-through exhibit, "Area
While the café was transforming into a bar, a nuclear testing site was being built by the U.S. Army a mere 50 miles away. In this age of innocence it quickly became vogue to grab an "Atomic Cocktail" and climb a ladder to the café's roof to watch for mushroom clouds on the horizon.
"I think that anytime there's a possibility of scientific pay dirt from studying these phenomena, that yes, it would be much
Still, the audience probably left with more questions than answers. Coleman concluded his part of the lecture by offering
Coleman's pursuit of the UFO brought the bomber very near treetop level. "It was about 75 feet in diameter, 15-feet-thick
"It's hard to believe that the aliens have cleverly arranged things so that only governments can find convincing evidence
Ret. Air Force Col. Charles Halt: Former base commander of the RAF Bentwaters military base in England and vital eyewitness
Watch this video of Air Force pilot Milton Torres describing his harrowing UFO encounter: If you're in the military and have