National Audubon Society

Karen Mason, a volunteer for the National Audubon Society, was livid after she captured the images on a Florida beach.
One common merganser cares for more than 70 ducklings, drawing uncommon interest from across the country.
Storm King Art Center's new installations offer varying degrees of insight into life on a radically changing planet.
Accidentally killing bird species -- including with a power line or oil rig -- will no longer violate federal law, the Interior Department said in a ruling.
“The Arctic Refuge isn’t a bank — drilling there won’t pay for the tax cuts the Senate just passed.”
Bird experts are split on whether it's real or fake.
Blue-winged Teal. Photo: Lynette Spence/Audubon Photography Awards. Almost half a century ago, the first head of the Environmental
Higher temperatures could be a death sentence for migratory species, a new study finds.
Our kids - and our birds - can't wait another year, or two, or four for us to act. David Yarnold is president and CEO of
Recent science points to native landscaping as a key tool in increasing bird diversity and abundance. In a study of suburban
A long-running mystery in the bird world has been solved: Where do the little clown-faced Atlantic Puffins go when they leave
Once we lose a species we never get it back. There are always those who ask, "What's the big deal about one bird?" The web of life - the creation all around us - is ours to protect. And we know that if a species like the golden-cheeked warbler is in trouble, it means entire ecosystems are in trouble.
The National Audubon Society's 13th Annual Rachel Carson Award, the preeminent award for American women in Conservation will be given on May 17th at the Plaza in New York City.
Thanks to a judge's ruling, BP finally has to pay for what it broke on the Gulf Coast. And the Gulf states can shift their focus to repairing the damage done and building a more resilient coastline.
Have you ever found yourself confiding in a friend on a Sunday morning in Central Park, only to be interrupted mid-sentence by her screaming "Cinnamon Teals in formation at 10 o' clock!"
If all else failed, I could always resort to inventing my own names for these exquisitely unique, unidentified flying organisms
How has the most powerful El Niño in nearly two decades and the extraordinary weather patterns it spawned this winter affected birds? You can join with tens of thousands of volunteer citizen scientists to help find the answer.