National Building Museum

This is what to watch for over the next few days as Donald Trump becomes the 45th president of the United States.
"He mentioned that when these entries came in - there were 5,201 of them from all over the world - they photographed them
Icebergs in Washington D.C In the heart of Milan's old city this summer you'll find an organic delight: a moveable feast
Landscape architecture is an innately ephemeral art form and a new exhibition at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. provides opportunities to examine a body of work, explore its significance and ponder its future.
The National Mall in Washington, DC is saturated with monuments and museums and, while there is little support for adding more to the Mall, there is support for continuing the tradition of building monuments in the city.
The behemoth construction of twists, turns and dead ends is spending the summer at the National Building Museum, its sleek
I saw Maya's incredible spirit in that moment, and by sharing with us such wisdom and peace in such a tense moment, she gave all of us the chance to rise to her level.
Click through the slideshow to peek inside the National Building Museum mini golf course: Eighteen holes of air-conditioned
WASHINGTON -- Last Saturday night, the Washington Humane Society's 7th annual Fashion for Paws event raised nearly $700,000
A museum dedicated to architecture, engineering and design may not seem like an obvious place to take young children, but the National Building Museum currently has two large rooms dedicated to play for children two and up.
How about Legetic? We caught up with the self-described "phenomenally apolitical" Legetic to find out more about her life
3. Story League At Black Cat D.C.'s finest truth teller competition returns to the Black Cat Main Stage after their first
Take a sneak peek at some of the photographs in "Detroit Is No Dry Bones" and "Detroit Disassembled" in the slideshow below
5. Barbecue Celebrate not having to work in a factory at 10 years old. Celebrate a five-day work week. Celebrate breaks and
TOP 5 FOR THURSDAY, AUGUST 30 The fictional band in the film is called Hangman's Joke. Now you know some "Crow" trivia. Tuesday
3. Edible Urban Garden Tour At Old City Green Another Eat Local First event, this one will take participants throughout the
'Mini-Golf Inside the Museum' runs until September 3. More information about Museum and other programs including Quilt in
Sunday, July 8 Full Metal Brunch at Rock and Roll Hotel Dress up in your favorite rock duds or whatever you wake up in and
Compellingly odd: An interactive timeline tracing the origins and development of our modern mortgage system and a touchable