National Bureau of Economic Research

A push to enact state bans on elephant ivory sales has brought together unlikely partners in opposition — antiques collectors
The CNBC host would bring a spectacular record of wrongness to the White House.
One need look no further than the outcome of the Brexit vote or the Colombian peace referendum to see how spectacularly the pollsters and bookies got it wrong.
A credit card buys people more time for the job hunt.
College football culture is causing hundreds of reported rapes every year, new research indicates.
Poverty is a fluid condition which millions of Americans experience from year to year. Many fall into it, many climb out of it; some persist in it. The idea that there's nothing we can do to put a real dent in poverty is as ridiculous as it is dangerous.
Let's not pop the Prosecco just yet. Another SEC rule being debated now would effectively endorse the root cause of excessive CEO pay -- the practice of paying CEOs based on the company's stock price.
As if a reminder were needed, a variety of asset classes are once again frothy and it feels a lot like 2008.
At a time when we should be celebrating Medicaid and CHIP successes, serious threats to Medicaid, CHIP and the ACA continue to surface in Congress. So, in addition to advocating for continuing improvements in children's health coverage, we must also play defense to protect the hard-earned gains made for children as well as adults.
With 2014 weighing in as the hottest year on record, the window to mitigate global warming rapidly shrinks. It's time to eliminate the debate that action on climate change will harm economic growth.
If the Great Recession wasn't enough to change the hearts and minds of the bankers, legislators, lobbyists and voters, I really don't know what would be. We bear collective responsibility for perpetuating a terribly broken system.
Having to suffer from childhood asthma is no mark of distinction in support of the greater economic good. It's bad for health, and for the economy. Pollute less -- and strengthen the economy as a result.
The show makes real what some would-be teen moms might otherwise fail to see -- that becoming a mom is not a way out but brings its own hardships and struggles.
Adding a 20-percent tax on sugar would cut Americans' total caloric intake by 18 percent and reduce sugar consumption by
Should young black girls be more focused on their own personal trajectories rather than binding together with others who look like them, for the betterment of all?
This is while tax rates for the wealthiest have been slashed. A recent National Bureau of Economic Research paper in fact
The Journal cites a National Bureau of Economic Research paper released Monday that suggests American businesses need fewer