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Father Gregory Greiten is a Catholic priest from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who came out as gay to his parish and the church.
On September 24, the world became a little poorer. Barbara Blaine, who to me embodied the Catholic social justice gospel
The ersatz interview is the latest stratagem in conservatives’ battle with the progressive pontiff.
The film earned its Academy awards through its deft retelling of the story of the investigative reporting team that uncovered the systematic cover-up of sexual abuse of children by priests in the archdiocese of Boston. But Spotlight did not tell the whole story.
The first full day on the ground in the northern region of Iraq known as Iraqi Kurdistan, a semi-autonomous region recognized by the Iraqi government in Baghdad, is completed.
For more stories from the Global Sisters Report, visit the National Catholic Reporter's site. A few Carmelite friars joined
Whoever succeeds Pope Benedict faces challenges that will impact Catholics everywhere, but will the choice have any impact on Catholic doctrine, which many believe is suspended somewhere between the Council of Trent counter-reformation and Vatican II.
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The Kansas City, Mo.-based newspaper's editorial pits it directly against the Vatican, where church leadership has strongly
Shortly after the 2009 fracas over the president’s appearance at Notre Dame, in an interview with my colleague Tom Roberts
At least one of the 195 dioceses in the United States has signed on to the Let’s Move Campaign. Catholic Charities in Michelle
A separate Vatican panel is investigating the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an umbrella group that represents
Given the magnitude of the crisis in the clergy, asking the hard questions to ferret out prospective sexual abusers is a necessity.