National Center for Education Statistics

The home where police found that 13 children and young adults had been held in horrific conditions was listed as a private school.
Sharing students’ criminal records with schools may violate their privacy, but some lawmakers think it will make teachers
Two recent grads started #BlackAndHooded to show that black people do go to grad school.
How do you fix a problem if the people in power don’t see a problem?
Trump's plan to cut access to arts education paints a bleak picture for American teenagers already underperforming in visual arts and music.
In the first act of 1984's Ghostbusters, the university dean tells our parapsychologist heroes that their funding has been pulled and they have to get off the campus immediately. Dr. Peter Venkman, played by Bill Murray, responds "But the kids love us."
Mobility – By the second year, 16 percent of teachers had moved to another school or district. One-fifth of the “movers” moved
Teachers reported that kindergarten students from affluent households in the 2010-2011 school year were more likely to have
Ensuring that teachers develop strong professional relationships immediately upon entering school is only part of what makes up "supportive leadership," but it is a concrete example of how a school leader can not only help a teacher begin but give him a reason to stay to make a career.
The data was compiled based on responses to the School District Finance Survey, which collected information from individual