National Center for Science Education

This is the seventh year in a row Sen. Josh Brecheen has introduced a bill targeting science education.
“I want to believe that these are honest mistakes and the publishers will fix them,” said Rosenau. The NCSE report says, “We
Ian loved books: He loved reading them, writing them and vigorously critiquing and defending them among people he valued more than any book. I believe he would happily have approved of Donne's metaphoric description of "the life of the world to come" as a library.
Solving the problem of climate change would be difficult enough on its own because of the importance of fossil fuels to our economies, but adding to the challenge is a powerful chorus of science-denying politicians and interest groups.
In 2008, Louisiana voted to allow public school teachers to teach both creationism and the views of climate change skeptics
A Republican state lawmaker in New Hampshire who introduced legislation to stop the teaching of evolution in schools has
I want to introduce you to regular people who have made a difference in the quality of the science education, in reaffirming that religion and science can coexist, and in demonstrating to all of us that it is possible to make a powerful statement in support of evolutionary biology.