National Climate Assessment

"It’s been my privilege to work with the nation’s best scientists and policymakers," Michael Kuperberg said of his return.
The White House is reportedly expected to replace Michael Kuperberg with climate-change skeptic David Legates.
In 2018, the administration tried to bury the report with a Black Friday release, then spent weeks working to downplay and dismiss its dire findings.
As climate change reshapes beloved places like the Cascades, much of it will exist only in memory.
The group of scientists would be tasked with countering a sweeping federal report released last November that warned of a dire future.
Amid mounting climate damage, the Congress' official budget scorekeeper said global warming poses little economic risk in the next 30 years.
The EPA's Andrew Wheeler said he "wouldn't be surprised if the Obama administration told the report's authors to take a look at the worst case scenario."
The network split its screen to run a "Facts First" box during Sanders' press briefing.