national coming out day

For many, sport is still seen as one area where homophobia and gender stereotypes persist.
"Your happiness and safety are paramount," Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote.
I will never forget the first day I was called a D*ke. It was the Summerof 1999 and I had just come out. As I emerged from
Queer people are finding new and creative ways to express themselves online.
"I’m training to fight for our country, and I’m going to fight this unjust ban."
" I was so scared of what everyone would think that I didn’t even consider that I could be accepted and loved."
It's set to be raised at Stonewall on a historic date for the queer community.
All our life we just wanted to fit in and be "normal," and I feel that if Milo came to us in the future and said he is gay, trans or even straight (could you imagine?!) we would be 100 per cent supportive of him. Parents still have a hard time accepting their children for who they are.