National Consumer Law Center

Whether it's your own debt, that of a deceased parent or one that isn't even real, a federal proposal would clear the way for collection agencies to shake you down.
This is an open government meeting, the record of which should not be censored.
In a do-it-yourself world, when shouldn’t you do it yourself? That’s sometimes hard to know with a consumer problem. Most
The measure "would have been a travesty" for consumers, an advocate said.
According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, it's illegal to robocall a mobile phone number without permission. The American Bankers Association wants to change that, arguing that robocalls will help fight identity theft and other kinds of fraud.
"The government's use of private collection agencies is incompatible with the equal access goals of the Higher Education
I doubt many American know anything about this group composed mainly of business and real estate lawyers and now engaged in drafting something called the Home Foreclosure Procedures Act.
The report offers a number of recommendations for curbing consumer abuse by such companies, including better disclosure of
Eight of the nation's leading consumer groups are calling on President Obama and Congress to give consumers a greater voice in Washington.
That is not the warm and fuzzy feeling that bodes well for the economic real estate recovery that many are starting to think
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform bill passed by Congress in 2010 is to thank for the death of overdraft fees on the prepaid
Roswell Friend, 22, went for his last run on August 18, 2011. Images of him running were captured by security cameras at Temple University -- where he had been a student.
Consumer advocates, however, have long called the industry's solicitation of military members predatory, alleging that rent
Before the bureau can decide to investigate Rent-A-Center and its competitors, it must first prove that such businesses provide
Negotiations over a proposed $25 billion settlement with the states over the use of robo-signers to speed foreclosures and
No one collects statistics on wrongful foreclosures, or how many people are facing the phantom mortgage debts. But as the
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services does not track or measure EBT card-related theft nor does it direct or monitor