national council on teacher quality

Poor teacher-preparation programs may help explain the spotty record of preschool effectiveness.
It has become increasingly clear that NCTQ ratings and rankings are but one more compliance activity, like accreditation, foisted on teacher preparation programs. The activity takes valuable faculty and staff time away from real work with real students.
The National Council on Teacher Quality, a Washington group that advocates tougher teacher evaluations, said its second annual
Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, co-author of the report and director of social politics and policy for Third Way, pointed to Finland
Why can't the outsiders understand that the real problem is the terrible working conditions in so many high-poverty schools? If they were a principal, would they go through the not-so-onerous process of dismissing teachers when they may not be able to find better replacements?
The leader of any organization knows that part of his or her job is to look for better ways to do things and to stay current on trends in the field. We should expect no less from our school leaders.
Why have politicians and others decided to ignore the research and use defective systems to make major decisions about retaining teachers or determining their pay? Why are we not "minding the gap"?
Education Week reports that the National Council on Teacher Quality filed an open-records request as part of its national
Thomases says the school district is exploring "a process to vet the strongest of them." On a recent afternoon at P.S. 176
A new report published by two conservative think tanks argues the cognitive ability of teachers is on average lower than