national day of action

September 10 is a national day of action against gun violence.
Raises would, of course, cost these billion-dollar corporations something. More costly, though, is the price paid by minimum-wage workers who have not received a raise in six years. Even more dear is what these workers have paid for their campaign to get raises. Managers have harassed, threatened and fired them.
The YWCA -- with more than 200 local associations in 47 states -- invites Mr. Schultz, Starbucks and everyone to participate in our annual Stand Against Racism campaign, beginning with a National Day of Action on April 23.
In an interview, AFT President Randi Weingarten said the AFT is spending about $1.2 million on the push. The radio, online
Back on March 3, Boehner criticized the automatic spending cuts as "silly" and "random," adding that he was "concerned about
Normally, folks in the organizing and grassroots activist community tend to work in their own little silos, fighting their individual fights. Sure, they sometimes join forces -- not often enough on this scale.
"We want trustees not appointed by the governor, but rather elected by the students," says Jacob Chaffin, an education major
Wayne Scherer will be one of many people in San Diego dressed for a funeral on Thursday. The 27-year-old anthropology student
What California's Budget Means For CSU Students Pertinent links: What California's Budget Means For UC Students The activity
This is the world that students see every day: boosters and alumni come first, while they've been instructed to cheer their teams, pay their loans, and mind their business.