national day of unplugging

In outdoor education, creating planned time away from distractions is referred to as a solo experience. A solo is when students
There are places like reSTART, tucked away in the woods outside a major city known for its inclusion of technology, and there are people like Ryan and Peter. It's safe to say that I will be thinking of them and their recovery, for a long time to come.
How to regulate kids' social media usage is a perennially hot topic, with parents constantly looking for new guidelines in an ever-expanding digital frontier.
Starting at sundown on Friday and stretching into Saturday is the National Day Of Unplugging. This annual event is inspired
Get lost in a good book. Not on your Kindle, but an old-fashioned, paper-paged novel. Reading has a host of healthy benefits
Unplug for two whole weeks? It's not as crazy as it sounds, and studies show it will help you be more refreshed, focused
This is not a screed against technology, nor is it a Luddite rant. Au contraire. But we can't let it control us. We must remain in control so our world doesn't become a cheap B movie.
Tech gadgets would certainly compete with the immersive experience that sleep away camp creates for the young people. But does technology have no place whatsoever in the lives of campers?
Yes, be more connected. Although social media promises to strengthen connections, its technology has limitations. Clicking a Facebook like or becoming a Twitter follower creates a bond, but not a strong one.