national day of unplugging

For college students, taking a break after a big study session and going for a walk, or planning a longer hike following
There are places like reSTART, tucked away in the woods outside a major city known for its inclusion of technology, and there are people like Ryan and Peter. It's safe to say that I will be thinking of them and their recovery, for a long time to come.
How to regulate kids' social media usage is a perennially hot topic, with parents constantly looking for new guidelines in an ever-expanding digital frontier.
Last year there were 14,500 tweets reaching 29 million people on the subject, Tanya Schevitz, spokesperson for Reboot's National
Teach yourself something new. If you've ever wanted to learn French or how to play the guitar, now's your chance. According
Unplug for two whole weeks? It's not as crazy as it sounds, and studies show it will help you be more refreshed, focused
This is not a screed against technology, nor is it a Luddite rant. Au contraire. But we can't let it control us. We must remain in control so our world doesn't become a cheap B movie.
Tech gadgets would certainly compete with the immersive experience that sleep away camp creates for the young people. But does technology have no place whatsoever in the lives of campers?
Yes, be more connected. Although social media promises to strengthen connections, its technology has limitations. Clicking a Facebook like or becoming a Twitter follower creates a bond, but not a strong one.
I look back on the world I grew up in, and no matter how much I explain or try to show my children what it was like, I realize that they will never completely understand the world in which so many of us lived.
It's my belief that the point of "unplugging movement" isn't to completely tear us away from our devices -- in fact, it's quite the opposite. The point of disconnecting from our devices and reconnecting to the world around us is to remind us that there is a world outside of our screens -- and as a result, there's a way to come back to them and use them in a more mindful manner.
I had set out on this detox mission to do the things I rarely found time to do, but it didn't occur to me until these last few minutes to do nothing. So I took this little bit of time to be with myself, and experience living in the most idle of moments.
"Family is one of the most important reasons to do it," said HuffPost executive lifestyle editor Lori Leibovich. "In order
HuffPost's Third Metric seeks to redefine success beyond money and power. Sunset on Friday, March 7, marks the beginning of the National Day of Unplugging, which lasts until sunset Saturday. We discuss why this 24-hour period is best spent unplugged!
Live in the moment for the moment’s sake. If a digital detox will teach you anything, it’s that not every incredible view
A growing body of research -- and plenty of anecdotal evidence -- suggests that excessive use of technology can take a serious
... things could end up like this: As James Cameron's "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" showed us, when technology gets angry
It hurts to do my job, lift my daughter, carry grocery bags, or make it through the day without popping Advils. The message my body is sending is clear: Stop typing, tapping and scrolling, now.