national debt

Tax season receipts are still down, but not as much as feared, easing concerns over a possible June “drop dead” debt default date.
There’s a reason the federal budget hasn’t seen a surplus since 2001. Hint: it’s hard.
Now that a Democrat is in the White House, the GOP is raising alarms about deficits after years of looking the other way under Trump.
The "Last Week Tonight" host used the star's shocking departure to explain that the trillions the U.S. owes isn't quite as dire as it seems.
Under Trump, $3 trillion was added to the national debt before the pandemic while tax revenue was slashed by $1.5 trillion, Wallace reminded the Republican.
The nation's total debt has topped $22 trillion for the first time in U.S. history.
The Senate just passed a massive tax cut for the wealthy, despite continuing to claim how good this is for the middle class.
Unless the $1,000-per-child tax credit is doubled, most lower- and middle-income families will barely see a cut, if at all.
It would cost more than $7 trillion over the next decade, according to one analysis.