National Democratic Party

Jagmeet Singh, leader of Canada's New Democratic Party, achieved international fame for how he handled a racist heckler at a town hall.
Whenever a major political party fails to hold the White House, the political pundocracy bemoans that the party is freezing
And President Barack Obama's state Senate successor Kwame Raoul passed on a gubernatorial bid this year but has said that
"You are failing to provide the foundations for a family policy which will halt the demographic catastrophe facing our people
They wear stylish running shoes and expensive brand name windbreakers and communicate with each other via Twitter. The use
Dem Platform "Tuition at public colleges has soared over the last decade and students are graduating with more and more debt
Many in the village support the Neo-Nazi-linked National Democratic Party (NPD). The party gained seats in the local elections
The ax is falling and heads are rolling in Egyptian media to rid once stodgy state-run organizations of deadwood noted for hampering professional and balanced news reporting.
The Mubarak regime was never supposed to fall. But fall it did -- and with a force rivaled only by the political science curriculums now being hurled out of university windows.
Journalists working for major state-run dailies and television channels have revealed, off the record, that senior officials in their news organizations were corrupt, abused power, and lined their pockets at taxpayers' expense.
How is it possible for Egypt to create a legitimate, rights-respecting government out of the discredited status quo? Peru successfully navigated a similar transition not too long ago.
As Hosni Mubarak sends mixed signals about his next steps, what should Americans expect next? Here are some scenarios that could play out as a result of this week's chaos.
There has been no further word on lootings at the Memphis Museum, which former Egyptian Museum director Wafaa el-Saddik told
The government may have shut down religious channels, limited live political broadcasts and used licensing requirements to silence texting services, but this hasn't halted the political discourse.
Ayman Nour and others filed complaints with Egypt's General Attorney against parliament members for instigating murder of innocent Egyptian Citizens.
Germany's far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) chief in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Udo Pastoers, has been charged with