national dog day

"My dog is in the other room so I’m looking at pictures of her."
The powerful bond between a person and their dog can save a life. Let's never forget that.
My friend, L.A. Knight sent me a reminder that today is National Dog Day. I didn't know there was such a thing, but as the author of the comedic novel, Dog Training the American Male (to be released on Sept 13 from A&M Publishers) Knight has immersed himself in the concept that a behavioral and genetic link exists between men and dogs.
Dogs have always been thought of as man's best friend, but did you know that using the right form of payment to care for your furry companion could help save you money on your next flight.
The National Dog Day celebrity Tweets continue! In fact, on National Dog Day more than 558,000 Tweets were sent. That's a lot of pup love.
In my case, the lemons came in the form of losing my beloved Sam. The lemonade was rescuing my Max and learning about the incredibly selfless,wonderful people out there daily who aid and comfort the millions of abandoned dogs. It is my honor to help them the way we do.
August 26 was National Dog Day. And as of last count, just on Instagram, 3,784,140 people posted #nationaldogday photos of four-legged friends.
Every dog has its day -- August 26th to be exact. Here at UGallery, we have a big soft spot for pups, and it's no secret that we're smitten with canine-inspired artwork. In honor of National Dog Day, what better way could we celebrate man's best friend than by featuring one of our rockstar pet commission specialists, Lesli DeVito.
You know what's better than a puppy video? The dogs of art history.
Dogs teach us to love and are often the one constant in our lives.
Bodhi didn't even mind sharing the seat with Rosenberg the Dog, an Aussiedoodle who was pretty pleased someone at the gig
One of the questions I get asked in almost every interview is, "Where did your ability to communicate with dogs come from?"