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David Pecker also testified in January. It’s unclear what Pecker said during his testimony Monday.
The "Law & Order" franchise stars hilariously clapped back at the supermarket tabloid's allegation that they're feuding.
The Federal Election Commission said the tabloid "knowingly and willfully" broke the law when it bought model Karen McDougal's story.
"Had to do it," the actor quipped while smiling at the camera.
Under Pecker, the National Enquirer for years buried potentially embarrassing stories about Trump and other favored celebrities.
The journalist claims in his new book that the Enquirer's top editor ordered staffers to destroy sensitive Trump-linked documents before the 2016 election.
The "Sex and the City" star called B.S. on the tabloid, which asked her to comment on a supposed fight with husband Matthew Broderick.
"It’s time to kiss it goodbye," Paul Pope said of the tabloid that protected Donald Trump for years.
The tabloid is under fire for paying $150,000 to keep Karen McDougal quiet about an alleged affair with Trump.
Gavin De Becker said he and others "concluded with high confidence that the Saudis had access to Bezos’ phone."