National Environmental Policy Act

The new rule limits public input on infrastructure projects and allows federal agencies to ignore climate change when reviewing projects.
Opponents are fighting to save NEPA, a key environmental law, from what they see as an attack on democracy and environmental justice.
The new proposal would mean federal agencies wouldn't have to weigh effects on climate when reviewing infrastructure projects.
Kathleen Hartnett-White’s humiliating confirmation hearing and recent plagiarism allegations could deter some Republicans from supporting her.
Some of the most important struggles of the ’60s and ’70s, like civil rights, are still underway today.
Still, the Department of Homeland Security says it "remains committed to environmental stewardship."
Environmental groups allege Trump administration approval of the project broke the law.
The League of Conservation Voters' annual scorecard showed a 2016 Congress deeply divided on environmental issues.
It is perhaps not surprising that the issue of the environmental impact of immigration has been almost completely ignored in the strident rhetoric emanating from the presidential candidates.
The groups say NWP was never intended to authorize massive pipeline infrastructure projects and that that kind of permitting