National Federation of the Blind

President Obama, there are many imagined barriers related to blindness, but one of the real barriers is the woeful lack of information in an accessible format.
"Until now, if you got a message on iOS from your girlfriend, for example, you had to listen to Siri read it to you in that
All blind people know the frustration that we routinely experience in encountering inaccessible electronic and information technology, especially websites, apps, and other internet-based services. At best, these barriers are merely annoying -- at worst they can lead to unemployment.
According to Monday's settlement, PARCC "shall work with its vendor" to provide the spring 2014 practice test "as soon as
Danielsen became aware of the problem when blind people began emailing his organization claiming they could not sign the
A majority of Goodwill entities in the United States pay people with disabilities less than the federal minimum wage, while these same Goodwills simultaneously spend tens of millions of dollars per year on executive compensation and travel-related expenses.
"Some people are making a fourth of the minimum wage," protest coordinator Cathy Randall told My Journal Courier. "Right