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“The tide of history is with us," Bannon tells the French far right.
A new poll shows that French distaste for the American president keeps growing.
"It’s not until it’s directed at you that you suddenly realize that what you’re doing is wrong.”
Trump was wrong about the “alt-left,” but most people aren’t quite right either.
It’s Tuesday, newsday. 1. Sean Spicer is searching for his replacement as press secretary. People don’t seem to be interested
Le Pen was defeated in a landslide this Sunday, but her nativist party probably isn't going anywhere.
Publications including Charlie Hebdo and BuzzFeed were barred from the party's rally.
This isn’t the first time the far-right party's been linked to anti-Semitism. But it comes as another major blow for presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.
Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will go head to head in the French presidential election on May 7th, after qualifying in the first round of voting. Here’s where the two very different candidates stand on the key issues.
France is going to the polls, in the first round of its presidential election. Here’s what’s at stake for the European country.
France is about to choose a new president in its most contentious electoral race in living memory – the results could have
Amid widespread unemployment, young French voters are seeking radical alternatives to establishment politicians.
In both America and Europe today, says French writer Jean d’Ormesson, there is great hostility toward the system. Democracy suffers as a result.