National Governors Association

States are writing new laws for collecting taxes on internet sales, banking on a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court
Adding to the existing tax burden on the middle class by repealing the SALT deduction is a big step in the wrong direction.
Susan B. Anthony’s immortal words, “Failure is Impossible,” carried the suffrage movement to success with passage of the
One area of agreement: The federal government should continue to help needy Americans pay for their health insurance. By
"We’re kidding ourselves if we don’t think what’s happening with health care in Congress right now is affecting this issue."
The National Governors Association wants the feds to help untie doctors' hands.
At the July 25th summer meeting of the National Governors Association there was an unexpected bipartisan call to arms against drug abuse.
Over the last fifteen years, the private and public sectors have worked effectively to make education a stronger data-driven enterprise in areas related to the challenge of high school dropouts.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said he doesn't think Republicans should give up the fight over gay marriage. "I don't
Today, for the first time ever, we can rely on what we are told is the percentage of students graduating from high school.
If only it were that easy for the governor from Louisiana. Nonetheless, Jindal's emphasis on the unpredictability of elections
But TransCanada said on Monday it was confident that the issue would soon be resolved. The court ruled that a law that let
But he said that the holdup of the law in the courts was the main reason there was no opportunity to get the website in Vermont
WASHINGTON -- The political calendar has New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on a crash course with the Washington press corps
For education corporations, CCSS alone is a potential cash cow: Curriculum, teacher and administrator professional development, student preparation (including tutoring and test prep), assessment writing, administration, and scoring. Envision the saliva as it dribbles down the education corporate executive chins.
Teachers should have had decision-making power to directly shape CCSS from the outset. They did not. How would the CCSS developmental process have appeared had it followed the democratic process?