national grandparents day

In 1988 at the height of the AIDs epidemic and near-hysterical homophobia, my Aunt Barbara -- who'd once been married to a Paul Newman lookalike -- came out as gay. The news hit my grandma Ellen (who we just called Gram) hard.
My grandmother who I called Oma passed away this month at age 95. Her inspiration helped me develop into a business woman, an avid traveler and an entrepreneur.
In short, the emergence of grandmas has very likely helped couples form a strong and stable bond (as desired by -the newly
National Grandparents Day -- coming up on Sunday, Sept. 13 -- is the perfect time to showcase the precious bond grandparents
My daughter, my eldest child, just had her first child -- a baby boy. They live in Israel, and I flew over for his birth and to help afterwards. What was meant to be a two-week trip, became four and I became an integral part of a very important time in my first grand baby's life, and in those first few weeks that my daughter became a mother.
Dear Readers, And so, with Grandparents Day coming up on Sept. 13, we'd like to take a moment to celebrate the incredible
Today, Sept. 7, is Grandparents Day. The holiday, signed into law by President Carter in 1978, honors the many contributions
I could go on and on about him. I know my mother misses him dearly. She was there as he said farewell to this part of his
Not craving grandbabies is a realization I've come to over time. For many years, I'd been playing a bit of a charade with friends and family.
This is a narrative about volunteer surrogate grandparents living among teens (who are not related) in a rural, residential school setting far from the crowds of urban Southern California -- and loving it.
Then, lo and behold, my husband and I had kids. And those kids were lucky enough to have grandparents who had retired. No
Theresa Wiza, grandmother of 17 grandchildren Risa Nye, grandmother of Madeleine, Fenton and Ezra Jeannie Suppa, grandmother
By the time my 40-something year-old mother gave birth to me, I was already down to just two living grandparents -- and one of them was in a home for the aged.
With your guidance, encouragement and support, your child will make not only this Grandparents Day but any day they spend with their grandparent special.
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