National Health Service

"There's no press here," the UK prime minister can be heard saying over the sound of camera shutters clicking.
On the 70th birthday of the NHS, lessons from a country that spends three times less on health care but has longer life expectancies.
The couple’s son Henry died in January after a battle with brain cancer.
Time and again, "repeal and replace" has proven to be a farce. Let's focus on the hard work of true reform and get health care for all.
Some day, we will get universal health care with no income tests in America. But first, the Democrats will have to resolve to lead.
The personal health data of 30 million Americans has been compromised since 2009.
Brad Smith calls out the government agency for "hoarding" secrets and putting millions at risk.
“This was not targeted at the NHS, it’s an international attack and a number of countries and organizations have been affected,” Prime Minister Theresa May said.