National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts

“I mean, it's really about choosing ratings over respecting a community."
Latino organizations are coming together in the wake of Donald Trump’s hosting appearance on "Saturday Night Live" to call
Our unity is largely due to the vitriolic messaging from the conservative right; but negativity should not be the basis of what unites us. The cultural messages of the songs of Los Tigres and so many other artists can also provide us with a stronger, more compassionate and aspirational way to forge ahead in this country.
When I am in San Antonio, I often feel like an "Observer" from the TV show Fringe. I am not walking around in a black suit and hat, but I get spotted pretty quickly as not really being from here anymore.
“If you think this is a bad precedent (ala ARGO); please repost and ask your friends not to spend their hard earned money
The Smithsonian's Under Secretary for History, Art, and Culture and Latino Center, in collaboration with units around the Institution, is engaged in several initiatives by, for and about the diverse resident Latino population.
Janet Murguia, President of the National Council of the La Raza, called for Kaiser to apologize. The Kennedy Center Honors
The roster of commentators was similarly skewed: 83 percent white, 7.6 percent black, 4 percent Latino and .67 percent Asian