National Historic Landmark

When owning one of these structures it becomes a labor of love. These abodes need nurturing and care and, in return, give
The Department of the Interior recognized 24 new sites on Wednesday.
13. Join the "Key West" like crowds at sunset on the new 2 ½ mile Route 52 causeway that links Somers Point to Ocean City
As part of Preservation50, the Advisory Council for Historic Preservation and partners are inviting public input on how to ensure an even brighter future for cultural heritage protection and its public use in the next fifty years.
"This is indeed an honor, not only to me, but to my restorers," Clinton beamed. For his part, Clinton's rival Bernie Sanders
Of the many historic venues that have hosted the U.S. Open over the years, only four have transcended the game of golf and established themselves as icons of American history as National Historic Landmarks. Find out which courses have made the cut.
President and Mrs. Obama, given this administration's exceptional legacy on the protection of open space, please don't make history by approving the confiscation of National Register designated public parkland for the Obama Presidential Library.
Part of Phase Two of the High Line, designed by a team led by James Corner Field Operations. Photo courtesy The Cultural
Many in the widespread coalition that make up "Heeding Cheyney's Call," are stating that the racially inequitable funding formula is the main reason that Cheyney, an all-time great institution, now has an all-time low student enrollment.
If you're looking for new digs a little closer to the city -- or just want to daydream -- here are some of the D.C. area's
Since 1869, every year Martha's Vineyard celebrates "Illumination Night," when the community adorns their pastel-painted cottages with Chinese and Japanese lanterns, many of them family heirlooms.
The recommendation for Denver Civic Center will now move to the National Park Service Advisory Board on May 22 and 23. The
The spirit and direction of the nation are reflected in our historic heritage, and saving these treasures will enrich us and future generations.
The Department of the Interior has launched the American Latino Heritage Initiative to explore different pathways to better recognize the countless contributions Latinos have made.