National Labor Relations Act

The National Labor Relations Board's new general counsel plans to take a much narrower view of worker rights than his predecessor, a new memo shows.
For millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet, there is great urgency in reversing the trends that have left them
James Damore was canned after penning an instantly infamous anti-diversity manifesto. He shouldn't expect to win his job back.
By Raymond Hogler, Colorado State University On April 24, graduate students at Yale University announced a hunger strike
Existing federal labor law could free employees who now can't band together to sue their bosses.
A recent decision by the federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit determined that private sector employees could be
The goal for all working families remains a secure, sustainable job and a real improvement in our standard of living. Here's how we get there.
Something we can do right now to combat pay inequality in the workplace is talk with our co-workers about our salaries. While Congress works to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act to address the multiple barriers to pay equality, knowing our rights could help us now.
How we eat is one of the central ways we show who we are and what we care about, but what's almost entirely impossible is to put food on the table that was produced by workers who enjoy the same rights as almost every other laborer in America.
As Vice President Joe Biden announced his decision last week not to run for president, he talked about dreams denied, possibilities foreclosed. He wasn't speaking of his own aspirations, though.