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Twitter reminds the first lady of her husband's dismal record on public lands.
The Trump administration may drastically reduce federally protected lands under a new Interior Department proposal.
“I guarantee you, somewhere, Teddy Roosevelt is rolling over in his grave."
By Michelle Bryan & Monte Mills, The University of Montana, and Sandra B. Zellmer, University of Nebraska-Lincoln In the
The designation of Bears Ears in Utah "should never have happened," the president says.
Robert Smalls was among the greatest Americans. His story is finally being told.
During the yearlong expeditions, as young people interacted with local fisherman off U.S. coasts, they also learned that
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Thanks to President Obama, the new national monuments at Bears Ears and Gold Butte will provide areas for future generations
Nevertheless, he has also pledged to counter Obama policy and open up federal lands to increased fossil fuel extraction. That
It is critical that President Obama acts swiftly to preserve land that is at risk of external threats before the end of his term as it has become blatantly clear that the next administration will not hold the same value for our environment over the next four years.
Our nation's stories have chapters that are complicated and painful for us to confront today, such as the legacies of slavery
Now add budgetary constraints to the vastness of Papahānaumokuākea: The National Park Service's funding has taken a hit recently
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Conservationists are excited, but not all locals are so hot on the idea.