National Network to End Domestic Violence

The tech company is partnering with anti-sexual assault and domestic violence organizations.
A new study offers clear proof that states must do more to protect women.
Immigrants who face sexual assault and domestic violence are avoiding police and dropping court cases, a new survey shows.
Cuts to everything from free legal aid to heating assistance would hurt those most vulnerable.
Floyd Mayweather has a history of violence and brutality -- and not just inside the ring. I'm talking about a history of battering women that spans more than 12 years. It's time we all do our part to stop domestic violence. Let's face the issue and make a decision that will send a message.
But those numbers don't seem to have sparked widespread philanthropic efforts by businesses. "It’s a pretty short list," Cindy
After reviewing the footage and analyzing a series of bad plays since Janay Rice's attack, it's clear that the victims of domestic violence whose attackers play for professional sports associations are in desperate need of a strong defensive lineup.
The study found women who received the financial curriculum significantly improved financial literacy, attitudes, intentions
The dynamics of domestic violence are complex and changing them requires not just one thing to change, but many things simultaneously.
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is essential to go beyond the statistics to place domestic violence within a larger societal framework.