national nurses united

“We’re five months into this and there are still shortages of gowns, hair covers, shoe covers, masks, N95 masks,” said the president of National Nurses United.
The union National Nurses United surveyed its members and found they were lacking the equipment, training and clear guidelines they need right now.
But the Vermont senator declined to criticize his progressive Democratic rival.
National Nurses United touted the 2020 Democrat's "Medicare for All" plan.
Last week, the AFL-CIO put out a statement from its president, Richard Trumka, under the headline "Dakota Access Pipeline Provides High-Quality Jobs."
Those who have studied the role of the Supreme Court in American life understand above all this November's election is about who will nominate and confirm the next Justices.
Amy Glass is an I.C.U. nurse in California's Central Valley. Working in the heart of the valley for more than fifteen years, Glass has seen more than enough rural poverty for a lifetime.
Drawing arena-sized crowds with his vision for healing America, Bernie Sanders has been called by some a political "rock star." This week, National Nurses United launched a bus to cross America for the social and political movement Sanders champions -- the #BernieBus, a bright red vehicle for change.