national nurses week

You will never know just how much you did for me that day or how much seeing your face gave me the strength to get through the most difficult time in my life.
This tiny Pill has changed the lives of women across the world - and it all started with a nurse named Margaret Sanger. #NationalNursesWeek
Nurses are burned out and need our appreciation! In honor of National Nurses Week, we made this short video love-letter to nurses featuring the photos of care staff at partnering organizations.
Now that Ebola has faded into the distance for those of us here in America, we have the Zika virus bombarding the media waves
This National Nurses Week, as we recognize the many wonderful ways that nurses make a difference in our lives every day, let's not forget those excellent listeners and reassuring voices who are standing by on the other end of the phone.
Liz and I did as she said. Of course we did it one at a time because we needed one of us by Alex's side. We whispered to
Research has shown that when you cultivate a healthy work environment for nurses, you also improve the quality of overall health care for patients.
May 6 through May 12 is National Nurses Week, when we -- the doctors, the patients, the health care system -- pay tribute to the nearly 3.5 million nurses who compassionately provide care for us.
You are a nurse. You were our nurse. Every day you go to work you deal with the good and the bad and you do it in a way that only you can. You care. You love. You grieve. You don't expect anything in return but today I want to thank you.