National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The rate of dead seal strandings in Maine is about three times the normal rate for the summer and is close to 60, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said.
Last month "outdid itself" on the heat scale, a NOAA official said.
The average rate of increase in this heat-trapping gas is faster than ever, scientists reported Monday.
As the coronavirus brought economies around the world to their knees, global climate change raged on.
The reported choice of Ryan Maue adds to the Trump administration’s yearslong effort to undercut climate science and reject global warming.
As the East Coast gets drenched and the drier West Coast is ablaze, climate change may not be the only factor.
The sudden postponement of a probe into allegations of misconduct in adopting offshore oil exploration rules “risks undermining the public’s confidence” in NOAA science, a watchdog group says.
The year already has been marked by rising global temperatures, Arctic ice melts and intensifying wildfires and storms.
A new inspector general report says the Trump administration may have undercut public trust in weather warnings and even hindered public safety -- all over a tweet.
Struggling commercial fishers and environmentalists say the White House is exploiting COVID-19 to privatize the ocean.