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This week I talked with LGBTQ ally Jennifer Camille Lee, founder and co-leader of Action Illinois a progressive advocacy
“The aftermath of what sexual assault survivors experience is not well enough understood by the public."
Black women are tired of having to come to everyone else’s defense and then looking around and finding themselves alone when they’re under attack.
WASHINGTON — In the days leading up to the white nationalist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., that left one
Although we may not each have Wonder Woman’s superpowers, we each possess the ability to change the world. Each of the women
There are laughably few women leaders in the corporate world, and one indicator suggests it's getting worse.
By Lane Windham This article originally appeared at The American Prospect. Subscribe here. Tightly gripping a “Firefighters
  A set of seven blatantly sexist posters at Air Combat Command (ACC) headquarters at Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia
Many women were upset at the way he managed the Anita Hill hearings in 1991.
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Attendees ages 20-something to 80-something filled the rooms of the hotel in DC, many sporting feminist t-shirts, some covered with change-the-world emblemed buttons, all with a common mission: to make the world a better place through equality. I'm not sure I've ever been in a room so full of compassion, unity and just enough societal frustration to get things done.
Because so few women have employer-provided retirement benefits or personal savings on which to rely, Social Security is disproportionately their sole source of income in old age. For 49 percent of never-married, divorced and widowed women aged 65 and older, Social Security comprises virtually all of their income. That is nearly one out of two single women!
Somebody should be in the courtroom watching out for the interests of the 13 black women who have accused former Oklahoma City policeman Daniel Holtzclaw of rape and sexual assault. Even the prosecution can't get it right.