National Poetry Slam

"It is an act of political warfare to consume in a culture that tells us we are only meant to be consumable."
"I guess no one hears the howling of a black girl ghost in the nighttime."
No surprises, no grubby little fingers to be cleaned, no gaggles of children to ferry to and from school. It was better that
Quite unromantically, "Hotbox" refers to the act of farting under the sheets -- an occurrence lovers and spouses know all
And she's not having any of it. Visit any porn site, and you'll be bombarded by a video player collage of click-through body
One particularly powerful line? "The phrase, 'big girls need love too' can go die in a fire." In the poem, Wiley shares some
Performing poetry gives us the chance to take our fragmented stories and make them sources of sharing and teaching -- things that unite rather than divide.
Certainly no offense is meant to Philip Levine (current US Poet Laureate)--his writing is exceptional--but when the American
Last week, a somewhat remarkable thing happened: Throughout Boston and Cambridge, people stood in lines outside venues, sometimes for more than an hour, and sometimes even in the rain, to go see poetry.
If you aren't familiar with Slam poetry, it's nothing like what you learned in English class. A great slam poet isn't just a good poet -- he also needs to have some serious storytelling, acting and comedic chops.
Slam poetry is, in itself, a conundrum. Slams are competitions in which poets are judged by random audience members on their
The five-day 2010 National Poetry Slam was decided last weekend in St. Paul Minnesota, with the hometown team, Soap Boxing, taking the honors for the second year in a row.