national republican congressional committee

Twitter users can't stop laughing about the odd promo, but the group says they've raised half a million dollars so far.
The conservative group wanted to send a message to certain Democrats who voted in favor of the impeachment inquiry resolution.
The old boys club picks its winner faster than you can say “she’s running.”
The island isn't for sale, but the GOP is trying to cash in on Trump's failed idea to buy it.
The president drew backlash after he linked the sound to cancer.
“We have to be a little bit careful, because I don't like the way the votes are being tallied," he said at a National Republican Congressional Committee dinner.
Senior officials with the House GOP's campaign arm said they believed a foreign agent was behind the cyberattack.
In addition to racism, the Iowa Republican is now flinging homophobia in his bid for re-election.
“The family is disappointed that John’s image is being weaponized" by the National Republican Congressional Committee, a friend said.
Going after a GOP "culture of corruption" worked then. Will it work now?
The partisan redistricting of 2011 "makes a difference," said Rep. Steve Stivers.
Scott Garrett says he wants to run the Export-Import Bank. But he once wanted to shutter it.
by Calin Brown Designers are renowned for their bold political statements – from Tommy Hilfiger’s use of white bandanas on
by Andrew Mayersohn It’s been a big week for politicians refunding tainted campaign donations. First, Manhattan District
An outside group showed Republicans the ads they're running. Some Republicans didn't take it well.
Big Pharma went on a political spending spree the next day.