national republican congressional committee

GOP fundraising has also been bolstered by former President Donald Trump.
The National Republican Congressional Committee’s new fundraising scheme tells donors that Donald Trump will know if they don’t contribute every month.
The National Republican Congressional Committee's threatening note against unchecking a donation box was slammed as "downright totalitarian."
"Their efforts to attack an Air Force and Iraq War veteran who served under Don't Ask, Don't Tell clearly backfired," said her campaign.
The GOP's congressional campaign arm appears to be instructing outside groups to remind voters that Gina Ortiz Jones is gay.
The National Republican Congressional Committee faced a backlash from conservatives over its tweet.
Twitter users can't stop laughing about the odd promo, but the group says they've raised half a million dollars so far.
The conservative group wanted to send a message to certain Democrats who voted in favor of the impeachment inquiry resolution.
The old boys club picks its winner faster than you can say “she’s running.”
The island isn't for sale, but the GOP is trying to cash in on Trump's failed idea to buy it.