national rum day

In honor of the popular spirit, here's how to serve up delicious cocktails.
In honor of the tropical spirit, we're learning how to serve up some delicious cocktails.
With its syrupy sweet flavor, tropical spice tanginess and strong association with tiki drinks, rum is the quintessential summer spirit. Fittingly, National Rum Day is celebrated during one of the warmest times of the year -- when our taste buds crave refreshing, island-style flavors.
Just in time for National Rum Day!
Maybe your wedding destination is your backyard. But that doesn't mean it can't feel like a Caribbean island. In honor of
From a tropical punch to a flaming spiced-rum cocktail, these recipes celebrate the spirit of rum at its best.
It may be Monday, but it is also a gorgeous, sunny day in mid-August--which means it is acceptable to wrap up the work day