National Science Foundation

The longest government shutdown in history has kept the National Science Foundation from divvying out grants that were worth $127 million in the same period last year.
The senators, all of whom deny climate science, are attacking a $4 million program to educate meteorologists on global warming.
The U.S. government does not consider sexual harassment a form of scientific misconduct. Should it?
Wolfgang Panofsky, the National Medal of Science-winning physicist and son of the great art historian Erwin Panofsky, once
As I sit here in Washington, DC and witness some of the Congressional and Administrative actions and activities of the past
I am both skilled and privileged. Acknowledging one doesn't dispel the other.
While we’d like to believe that girls have an improved shot at entering the science, computer and engineering fields, which
Proposed cuts would hamstring research at federal agencies that have a long history of doing the heavy lifting.
American greatness depends on robust funding for science.
Since the mid-1970s I have studied and worked as a practitioner in the areas of environmental policy and public management
The broad antipathy to science, to learning in all but the most general sense, is the mark of the Trump budget proposal.
I know, rejection hurts. Every time you show another person something you've created as an entrepreneur, you make yourself vulnerable. And when it turns out you've made something of little value, you will feel the pain of getting it wrong.
This remarkable research is a result of what made the United States a global leader in scientific innovation: It was funded
Beyond these existing strategies, others might be considered to speed up the proven programs process. One example might be
If one attended the NSF webcast or read the press releases, however, one might think that gravitational waves were detected
At this point, the debate in America about art and science is coming to a conclusion : the disciplines very much need each other.