National Security Adviser

President Donald Trump’s national security adviser resigned after just 25 days on the job. Here’s how it happened.
The White House's Jake Sullivan spoke about what has become the biggest security crisis between Russia and the West since the Cold War.
Trying to renegotiate the Taliban peace agreement Trump made in early 2020 would have led to an “onslaught,” national security adviser Jake Sullivan said.
The "Late Show" host didn't pull any punches in his interview with Trump's former national security adviser.
President Donald Trump called ex-national security adviser John Bolton “a dope” after excerpts from Bolton’s damning tell-all book leaked.
The civil rights organization argued for the former national security adviser's right to publish a book about working with Trump while pointing out his spotty human rights record.
Robert O'Brien said he's "so proud” of the way police officers have handled the George Floyd protests "with restraint."
The Department of Justice has dropped charges against Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser.
President Donald Trump is now criticizing his former national security adviser John Bolton after a part of Bolton’s new book contradicted Trump’s impeachment defense.
Acting national security adviser Charles Kupperman was on the board of an anti-Muslim think tank that trafficked in conspiracy theories.