national security council

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said an earlier statement “wasn’t an attempt to question the journalism” of an article about a plan for postwar Gaza.
It's not clear what China could have learned from a spy balloon that it wouldn't have already known from its armada of satellites.
The object was detected about 40,000 feet above Alaska.
America is already "looking dangerously like Russia," said the former top analyst on Russia on the National Security Council.
Trump cut the National Security Council team in 2018, and now says "I didn't do it."
Ousting Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro is Trump's dream and NSC official Mauricio Claver-Carone is eager to make it come true.
A top National Security Council staffer may have been the first to go in an effort to plug leaks there.
Bolton has a long history of supporting military, rather than diplomatic, answers to foreign policy questions.
Kirstjen Nielsen has been central to Kelly's effort to bring order to the White House.
Some say it'll perturb allies and make the president even more secretive. But the striking content leads other commentators to support the revelations.