national security letters

That's how the FBI's use of NSLs are described, but it can easily be applied to the government-at-large and its voracious
The federal government this week announced a reform to an investigative tool that gives the FBI sweeping surveillance power
For years the government has maintained that even when businesses are forced to turn over phone calling records or other
Unfortunately, with so much of the public attention focused on the NSA's misdeeds, there is a tendency to forget that the NSA is merely one of a growing number of clandestine intelligence agencies tasked with spying on the American people.
Verizon received 320,000 U.S. law enforcement requests for customer names, phone call records, text messages, and other kinds of customer data in 2013, the company revealed in a report released Wednesday.
Phone carriers had long resisted efforts to release such transparency reports, which privacy-minded internet companies have
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a lawsuit in May 2011 seeking to gain access to the exigent-letter memo. In a September
Illston's ruling vindicated EFF's arguments. Because the government still has 90 days to appeal the ruling while it is on
"The FBI has the authority to prohibit companies from talking about these requests," said Richard Salgado, legal director