The National Spelling Bee’s history is chock-full of adorable, hilarious and cringe-worthy moments. Like when 13-year-old
What makes a community is a constant recognition of how each individual acts in accord with an investment in the success of our endeavors, the valuing of our principles and, most importantly, the wellbeing of each other, whether in the national spectacle of spelling prowess or in the communities to which we belong.
CLICK HERE for complete list of prizes. "Well, I thought that the German curse has turned into a German blessing, if you
There's no pressure for Richelle to win though. "I know she’ll do her best and that’s what matters," her mother, Sheila Zampella
Lori Anne Madison is one smart cookie. At the age of six, the Virginia native won the 34th Prince William County Spelling
According to NESN, as "[the champion] finished the word -- a word she admitted to knowing -- she broke out into a huge smile
How are immigrants from a Hindu nation putting the Protestant work ethic to shame, even within spelling bees, the most American of contests?
The Scripps National Spelling Bee (the finals aired in primetime this past Friday) is some epic word-nerdery, and it's also
It's down to the final 10 at the Scripps National Spelling Bee beginning tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern at the Grand Hyatt in
I was able to channel my inner fourth-grade self, tap into the spelling bee movement, engage professionals with the community and help underserved kids all at the same time.
2) Katie Seymour, 2005: Seymour cracked up the audience by asking the judges what most of the contestants wanted to ask. 3
According to bee officials, using Spell Check during a competition can result in a permanent ban from the sport, which could cost Mr. Van Kesseline millions in endorsements from dictionary companies.
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When a competition goes prime time, the gambling industry cannot be far behind, even when the participants are little kids
Having spelled "serrefine" to win the Scripps National Spelling Bee, Evan O'Dorney is ready to tackle an even more unusual
Now that "American Idol" has bowed out for the season, ABC is betting that the show's formula -- nervous civilians performing