National Teacher of the Year

The Virginia educator is touring schools and finds what he's seeing "eye opening."
Sydney Chaffee is the first charter school honoree. She wants to emphasize the "opportunity and the beauty in public education."
The news today is filled with workplace sexual harassment lawsuits, the ones directed at Bill O’Reilly being only the most
"The troops are mad and losing...Soldiers are ready and ruthless."
Students of color constitute a majority in our schools but teachers of color constitute only 18 percent of their faculties.
Hayes commitment to community is further illustrated by these words about the relationship between community service and
"One can only assume that, in your search for National Teacher of the Year, you are seeking 'more' - someone who represents the defining essence of inspiration."
But I get to meet other incredible teachers, too. I meet them in all corners of the country. And the teachers I meet on the
We entrust teachers with our most precious asset, and the challenges they face daily would stretch anyone's emotional and physical capacity.
The Council of Chief State School Officers named Peeples the 2015 Teacher of the Year late last month. Peeples, who teaches