national tequila day

We’re approaching National Tequila Day, which means for most of us, the following day is National Hungover Time. But it doesn’t
According to, the main types of tequila are split into two categories: 100% Blue Agave, and Tequila Mixto (Mixed
Maria Teresa Lara and Ruben Aceves introduced me to the object of my newest desire -- the small-batch Double Barrel Reposado Tequila.
Please remember to drink responsibly. Taxis and Uber do the body good. Other fun facts: The Guinness World Record for the
Few spirits are more refreshing or festive than tequila, which is why we're excited to help you celebrate National Tequila
For those of you currently suffering withdrawals from the large amounts of alcohol chugged over the 4th of July weekend, never