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"National Treasure: Kiri" joins the list.
The unacknowledged assumption inherent in all this courtly mean-well is unwittingly dismissive: that poets of a certain age
Even fictitious characters have to get a little feisty with their text messages from time to time, right? We've all done it and we all know how our conversations go, but what about some of your all time favorite and most notable movie characters? How would their sexting go down? Probably a little like this.
After learning last summer that it was being sold to a developer, the singer, songwriter, and producer launched the Save Studio A Campaign.
"A silent character." That's how Jamie Ford, author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, describes the Panama Hotel, the titular National Treasure that grounds his bestselling novel. But the Panama is far from silent.
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His tireless efforts behind the camera, on social media, and at the site itself have not only helped get more people talking about the Pavilion, but it's brought them together as well, focusing their energy on reinvention for an inventive space.
Viewed in this light, historical preservation is mindful of far more than the mechanics of bricks and mortar or a profitable
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How do you treat the land on which men, women and children were bought, sold, and tortured? By building a major league ballpark upon it, which is exactly what Richmond Mayor Dwight C. Jones is proposing in his "Revitalize RVA" plan.
Since it opened in 1933, Union Terminal has served as both a cultural hub for the city of Cincinnati and one of the most iconic Art Deco structures in the nation. Now, thanks to local citizens who voted "yes" on Issue 8, it will continue to fill both roles for generations to come.
The state-run news agency France 24 has suggested Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa be sold to pay off France’s $2.6 trillion deficit.
Here are some trivia questions relating to the Declaration of Independence. See how you do with them.
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The stadium provided the backdrop for some of the initial performances of the first wave of Dominican players to star in
Hinchliffe was built between 1932 and 1933, and became a symbol of the American working class' love affair with sports. Well
The Rodeo takes place in Reliant Park, home of the Astrodome, and National Trust staff recently noticed something a little
Preserving freedom is serious business. The Declaration of Independence is rather hard to read in places because it was stored in direct sunlight for many years -- a definite no-no for historical artifacts.
Elizabeth wrote in Red-Robed Priestess, "It is strange to know when a goodbye is final. It is a gift." This is a final goodbye
A few weeks back, I read an announcement that the now white hot Colin Firth might be signing on for a re-make ofMy Fair Lady. Not since Steve Martin decided to put a new spin on The Pink Panther have I been so moved to ask, "Why?"