National Volunteer Week

Norman Hurns mentors elementary school boys on "life skills and character education" through Brothers Making a Difference, a program he created after he saw a need to inspire and motivate kids growing up in a city hit hard by changing economics and the shrinking auto industry -- Detroit.
Lately girl-power anthems and controversial rappers have featured prominently in my playlist. But all things are possible
Many individuals seek volunteer opportunities for new reasons -- to expand their professional network, hone their skills and explore new opportunities. All in addition to making the world a better place.
In honor of the 41st National Volunteer Week, we highlight inspirational stories of young individuals giving back to their communities and making a difference.
The year was 1974. Hank Aaron had just broken Babe Ruth's home run record and UPC codes were introduced as a major new technological innovation. America was in an energy crisis, and in the midst of the Watergate scandal.
With National Volunteer Week starting today (April 12), it is important to remember all the things volunteers do.
It's so clear to me that when people engage in improving their communities and helping others, the world shifts a bit -- not just for the community, but for the volunteer as well.
Volunteers are more than just temporary labor. They are essential for all nonprofits. As nonprofit leaders, we should recognize
National Volunteer Week provides a time for honoring volunteers and a time to reflect upon the impact of public service in this country.
The reward for volunteering is not measured in dollars. It is measured in lives lifted up. The lives of both those who are helped and those who volunteer.