National Work and Family Month

How often at work and home do we sabotage our relationships and bring on more of what we don't want instead of what we do
In my experience (and, I have a hunch, in yours), it's slim to none. In our workplace model that prioritizes time spent at a desk, Sam and Pat may rarely move from their chairs.
Women in every industry reported on by the EEOC filed charges of pregnancy discrimination, including those that employ the
Grab your arms (your words, your letters, emails, and tweets, your votes)! The goal is affordable, available, and by all
October is National Work and Family month, so I was happy to take a couple of days last week to attend Working Mother Media’s
Silence makes you vulnerable. I had to tell our clients I'd be unavailable to present or talk for six weeks (the second three
Today we live in a world where technology continues to simplify our lives, making it easier to get things done – from shopping
The last frontier in workplace flexibility is the person looking back at you in the mirror. We often focus on what employers
1. Respect others who have company loyalty for it is the passion that drives the mission. Being loyal to a cause or mission
As we celebrate National Work and Family Month, I cannot help but reflect on how dramatically our ideas of 'ideal workers' and 'ideal families' have shifted since I began my career as a working parent in the early 1980s.
October is National Work & Family Month, when businesses, academic institutions, federal agencies, members of Congress, work
The term “Work-Life Balance” is past its expiration date. It served its purpose by bringing to the forefront a conversation
As I reflect on this year’s National Work & Family Month, I am reminded of how grateful I am to be in today’s working world
We’ve lost sight of why we work: the goal of well-being and happiness. October is National Work and Family Month which focuses
October once again rears its head and with it comes fall weather (maybe not quite in Arizona, but we take what we can get
It’s not surprising to learn the integration of work-life balance into the lives of executives is perhaps becoming the new
October is National Work and Family Month, and I've been thinking: What does it mean for a workplace to be “family- friendly