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The past week has presented the world with three more examples of botched zoo management, which fit into the dizzying array of issues regarding wildlife captivity, zoo safety, and the protection of both people and animals.
Bao Bao with mom Mei Xiang on April 2, 2014. It was the little one's second time outside. Here are Doxiemom's favorite moments
For this paper, the authors -- Sabrina Brando, a writer and animal care consultant, and Danish philosophy professor Jes Lynning
"It was amazing to witness the connection that the beautiful creature and my son seemed to share," Bittner told D.C.'s Fox
"River's Edge is a very safe exhibit," zoo employee Jack Grisham told the Associated Press at the time. "This is one of those
“We are spread too thin, is the conclusion that I’ve come to,” Kelly told The Washington Post. “It’s really the whole zoo
Want a surefire way to brighten your holiday season this year? Some of the best zoos around the country are upping the merrymaking ante. Here's a look at some of the best of the bunch.